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  • At Mile High Oncology, we recognize that you or someone you love is walking through our doors at one of the most vulnerable times of your life, having just received a cancer diagnosis. We are honored that you have selected us to be your partner in this journey of hope. Our goal is not only to provide you with the best evidence-based medical care possible, but also to support, reassure and empower you. In addition to our multidisciplinary team of physicians, we also offer comprehensive support services including a financial counselor, a licensed clinical social worker, a breast cancer nurse navigator , genetic counseling and on-site chemotherapy.

    We treat most types of cancer and offer you a wide range of diagnostic testing and treatment options. We make every effort to schedule new patients as quickly as possible and have dedicated new patient schedulers that reach out to new patients on behalf of our physicians. These practice ambassadors will help make sure you know exactly what to bring to you first appointment and, in some cases, may be able to help you secure medical records, imaging, lab results from other sources. Your family and friends are welcome to join you for any and/or all appointments to provide extra support.

    Our Mile High Oncology physician team consists of:

    Dr. Radhika Acharya-Leon, Dr. Karng Log, Dr. David Link, all board certified in internal medicine, and medical oncology and hematology.

    Each of these physicians has made oncology care their life's calling and is committed to whole person care, mind, body and spirit, at the highest level.

    We pride ourselves on timely communication and will work hard to ensure that you and all members of your medical team, including your primary care physician, are kept in the loop regarding test results and treatment options. Our physicians enjoy excellent relationships with surgeons, radiation oncologists and other medical professionals so you can rest assured that should those services be necessary as part of your comprehensive treatment plan, appropriate referrals can be made.

    Our practice is located on the campus of Littleton Adventist Hospital which makes it convenient for our patients requiring professional medical services that we are not able to provide in office, such as nuclear medicine PET/CT imaging. The hospital also has an infusion center and a dedicated oncology inpatient unit. Dr. Monica Minkoff, a board certified oncologist, hospitalist and member of our Mile High team follows-up with Mile High patients requiring hospitalization. 

    At Mile High Oncology we offer you compassionate care combined with the latest oncology treatments. You can count on every member of our team to take the time to listen, explain and understand. You are not alone - our team is here for you every step of the way.

    Please call 303-734-2090 to schedule an appointment.

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